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When is Launch your best option?

Launch will help you get started with Beezzz. You get all the features for one of the five modules of your choice. So you can use Beezzz for example for just resources data when other aspects are already covered by other systems. Or you can use just the environmental module when you just want to focus on emissions for now.

What is included in Launch option?

When you choose Launch, you select one of the five modules, Resources, Environment, Governance, People, or Community. The launch option includes all the main functions in the Beezzz platform. So you have framework definition to define your metrics and dimensions. Security will help you to give your users the right access levels. Data entry will offer you the functions to enter actual data but also plans and forecasts. Finally, Analysis & Reporting will offer all options to report and analyze your data. All details can be found in the plan comparison table.

How do I learn more?

The best way to learn more about the launch option is a free online demo. The online session typically takes 45 minutes. In these 45 minutes, we will show you all the functions and answer your questions. Just Schedule your free online demo via this link.

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