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People are more and more aware of the human impact on our planet and prosperity. We don’t believe in pointing fingers. Earth deserves better than that.

Significant change can come from small beginnings by working together and being transparent about your contribution.

As an individual, it is hard but certainly not impossible to make a difference within your organization. With the right means, you can have a true impact.

That is why we created Beezzz, a sustainability app for sustainability-management. Including emissions, waste, use of natural resources, and social.



The Missing SDG: Ensure the Digital Age Supports People, Planet, Prosperity & Peace

While many uncertainties remain, one thing is clear, the lives of people and the transactions of our economy and government will move more and more online. In 2015, 193 nations committed to the SDGs, which set out a transformative agenda that linked human health and prosperity to environmental health and equity. This holistic agenda is critical. But the current crisis highlights that it is incomplete. The SDGs failed to address the governance of one of the most potent forces defining humanity’s future: the digital age.

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What is causing the ever growing sustainability data gap?

One of our work’s benefits is that we speak to a lot of sustainability and non-financial reporting professionals. It’s always a pleasure to exchange thoughts and be inspired by professionals that are passionate about such an important cause. All these conversations also give us a clear insight into common challenges. One of these challenges is more and more data collection.

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New: Beezzz user-community!

At Beezzz, we believe that continuous improvement is the key to long-term success. That’s why we’ve launched our new user-community. The community serves as a platform for daily growth. You can help us by telling us how we can improve the app. You can comment and vote on suggestions of other users. Based on all this feedback, we plan our continuous improvement in our roadmap.

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