To get to know Beezzz a short demo is your best option. But meanwhile, this page will show you how Beezzz can help you. You can discover how you can report within any framework, (e.g. SDG, GRI, SASB and EU Taxonomy) connect to any data source (both outside and inside your organization), prepare for assurance and analyze with dashboards.

Reporting within Any Framework

Reporting in multiple frameworks can be tedious. Beezzz is here to help you. You can link your metrics to multiple frameworks like GRI, SDG, SASB, EU Taxonomy and many more. Beezzz will help you to generate reports for any framework, survey or certificate based on your Beezzz dataset. Sustainability App Framework Definition

Connect any datasource

You don’t want your colleagues to rekey data for your sustainability management. That’s why Beezzz comes with a world-class integration module. With more than 90 standard connectors to all kinds of source systems. Next to that, we have endless possibilities to connect to sources within and outside your organization.Sustainability App Input

Prepared for Assurance

Your stakeholders demand more and more assurance of data in your reports. We have got you covered. Beezzz is designed to give you robust audit trails. The who-what-when is immediately clear for every data point.

Sustainability App Aprove

Analyze with dashboards

Gain valuable insights with our dashboards. And the good news, you can easily create any dashboard you like. We use Microsoft Power BI for all our dashboards. This leading technology offers you all the options you could wish. Collaboration with Microsoft Teams, export to PDF or PowerPoint, scheduled delivery of reports to stakeholders? It’s all out-of-the-box available for you.

Sustainability Dashboard with Map

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