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Trend Indicator on input form

We would like to have an indicator next to the input fields directly indicating the trend based on the (prefilled) values. It should be possible to define positive and negative trend setting when you define a metric as admin.

Under Review Category: Data Entry 0 comments
1 vote

Data Integration through an API

We use Sturnis 365 as a disclosure management solution for our integrated report. We would like to use the data from Beezzz through an API in Sturnis 365.

Under Review Category: Data Integration 0 comments
3 votes

Grid for Data Entry

When entering a number of metrics it would be great if we have a grid to speed up data entry.

Started Category: Data Entry 0 comments
1 vote

Overview of non-asigned metrics

A clear overview of metrics that are not yet assigned to a survey in a certain cycle would very helpful to ensure the completeness of the coming cyclye of our sustainability reporting process.

Under Review Category: Framework Definition 0 comments
5 votes

Integration with our Enterprise Performance Management Solution

We use our Enterprise Performance Management (OneStream) solution to integrate our non-financial and financial reporting data. Would it be possible to synchronize our organizational entities from our EPM-platform to Beezzz, run the sustainability data collection process in Beezzz? After completion of the cycle in Beezzz, we would like to send the key KPIs from Beezzz…

Started Category: Data Integration 1 comment
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App in native language users

We understand that we can add translations of all metrics. Is it also possible to translate the entire app interface to the language of the user?

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Send out surveys to supply chain partners

We send out surveys on different topics to our supply chain partners. We would like to send these surveys from the app to a selected list of contacts. The results of the survey should be available in our dashboards for further analysis.

Planned Category: Data Entry 1 comment